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Ooigo is a dedicated app to stream audiobooks for children. The app connects with your spotify or apple music account and helps you find the best audiobooks based on your child’s interests and age. The app learns the more you use it. It remembers your favourite series, continues from where you stopped listening and suggests…
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Movie Creator

“Fox and Sheep Movie Studio” gives you the chance to create a birthday film for granny, explain complex concepts in an easy way or just finally visualize all the stories in your head! Integrate famous characters of best selling apps “Little Fox Music Box” and “Nighty Night” and many more to tell your own story.…
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The Orchard

What a lovely fruit garden! The fruit looks ripe and juicy! But Theo the Raven, the cheeky thief, wants to swipe our fruit. He will employ all sorts of tricks and toys to distract you and get the fruit from your basket. Only a quick harvesting of the trees carrying crunchy cherries, juicy apples, sweet…
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Everyday Rebellion

Everyday Rebellion is a feature cinema documentary and cross-media project about the power of creative, nonviolent activism and modern civil disobedience. A project about the various methods of nonviolent resistance, new and old shown through recent movements like Occupy Wall Street, 15m, Femen, Iranian & Syrian uprisings as well as the Arab Spring. Everyday Rebellion…
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A cyber-war, resulting in the paralysis of two European countries’ infrastructures: Sixth Column, an elitist hacker group and Max Parson, their lead-managing super hacker, is working meticulously on its humongous coup. Operation Chimera, dated Friday 13th because of its heavy symbolism, is supposed to expose major systems’ Achilles’ heel and to communicate these vulnerable points…
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