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Disaster Resilience Journal

The Disaster Resilience Journal is an interactive documentary that examines how individuals, communities and countries around the world are building resilience in a landscape of climate change, and social, economic and cultural shifts. The documentary is serialized as a set of 42 short articles, released one a day via social media networks, blogs and word…
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Atterwasch is a web-documentary about the German village of Atterwasch which is under pressure to make way for a brown coal open-cast mine, despite the fact that the village exemplifies Germany’s acclaimed energy transition. This multimedia documentary focuses on the uncertainty Atterwasch’s residents were confronted with over a one-year period (2013-2014). You are free to…
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A cyber-war, resulting in the paralysis of two European countries’ infrastructures: Sixth Column, an elitist hacker group and Max Parson, their lead-managing super hacker, is working meticulously on its humongous coup. Operation Chimera, dated Friday 13th because of its heavy symbolism, is supposed to expose major systems’ Achilles’ heel and to communicate these vulnerable points…
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