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Lost Glitches

An experiment gone wrong, a mistake that leads to a virtual world made up of collective memories that merge into one. Memory, a limited resource, is often insufficient to allow those lost in Deep Sky to reconstruct their individual memories. Glitches form connections, syndicates and divide Deep Sky into territories. These territories reflect the limited…
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Cockroach salad

Finally the app to the successful and beloved card game! A very special salad is being prepared in the cellar of a parisian fancy restaurant. Play against the cockroach cook and try to get as many ingredients as possible in the bowl. Make sure you don’t press the wrong vegetable and watch out for the…
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El Hijo

El Hijo is a spaghetti western, indie stealth game. The game is set in a mythical place that very much resembles the American west as we know it from Sergio Leone’s westerns, borrowing some of the most popular characteristics such as gangs of outlaws, shady saloons, and desert landscapes, all served up with a good…
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Impossible Bottles

Impossible Bottles is a rhythm game about the global energy crisis and a scientist’s effort to provide an environmentally friendly solution through music. Each robot represents a decade of electronic music starting from the 1960s. The music follows those eras and develops up to the year 2050, where the ninth robot powers up rockets to…
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Richard The Stork

Richard is a little sparrow. But he’s convinced that he’s in fact a big stork. Wait … what? Children all over the world will find out more about Richard, his friends, adventures and his storkiness in the beautiful 3D-animated children’s story “Richard the Stork” in cinemas this year. We took care of the concept and…
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Milli The Snail

On a perfectly normal, totally magical hill, stands a very special apple tree, full of confetti blossom, autumn leaves and rosy apples all at the same time. Beneath the apple tree lives a very small and very curious young snail called Milli. Milli is the only snail on Apple-Tree Hill, and when we first meet…
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