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make more art at school! Art and creative thinking are fundamental learning blocks of a child’s education. Nonetheless integrating the artistic method to schools is a complicated task. For three years, five art groups (fine arts, literature, music, dance & theater) worked with schools to develop formats and methods to create qualitative art at school.…
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Milli meets art

Milli is back and she’s on a mission. Still trying to figure out what it is that snails do best, she plunges deep into the wonderful world of modern art. Curious as she is, she interrogates the animals preparing for the Art Fair on Apple-Tree Hill: How does one make an Impressionist painting? What’s so…
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Milli The Snail

On a perfectly normal, totally magical hill, stands a very special apple tree, full of confetti blossom, autumn leaves and rosy apples all at the same time. Beneath the apple tree lives a very small and very curious young snail called Milli. Milli is the only snail on Apple-Tree Hill, and when we first meet…
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